First Chinese Silk Road cargo train arrives in Georgia

The Georgian railway has received its first cargo train from China and has officially launched the Silk Road Project, according to Georgia Today.

The project will connect Europe, Eastern Asia, India, Central Asia and the Middle East, the newspaper reports.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, together with the diplomatic corps and Georgian high officials, welcomed the first Silk Railway train that entered Georgia today.

“We started working on the issue two years ago. I presented the initiative at the UN General Assembly on Georgia’s involvement in the project. We held the Silk Road Forum which was attended by 1,000 guests from 32 countries. 500 representatives arrived from China. It was a successful beginning,” he continued.

According to the PM, the Silk Road will be the cheapest and shortest road between Asia and Europe.

“We can receive goods in 8-10 days from China and send them to Europe in 3-5 days,” Gharibashvili added, “Our country is a part of the scale. It allows us additional chances to become a participant of world economic developments. The Silk Road is an impetus in terms of deepening the political, cultural and economic relations,” he concluded.

Full article: First Chinese Silk Road cargo train arrives in Georgia (UNIAN)

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