Son of Chinese Revolutionary Tells Xi Jinping to End Communist Party’s Dictatorship

The son of a founding revolutionary of the Chinese Communist Party has penned an open letter, published in a Hong Kong newspaper, telling Chinese leader Xi Jinping to end one-Party dictatorship and transform China into a democracy.

“If you really want to eliminate corruption,” writes Luo Yu, who is now 71 and lives in the United States, “the only way is to introduce democracy in a gradual and orderly fashion.”

“China is beset by crises: a crisis in faith, morality, the environment, the economy, finance, education, medicine, and natural resources,” Luo continues. “Why? The root of all the problems is the one-Party dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party.”

The remarkable open letter was published in the Hong Kong-based Chinese newspaper Apple Daily on Dec. 3.

Luo Yu joins the growing list of former Party cadres, Chinese dissidents, and veteran China watchers who are predicting that the Chinese regime is teetering on collapse, in contrast to the image of a rising superpower the authorities seek to project to the world.

The letter also comes at a time when the top Party leadership seems increasingly paranoid that the regime will collapse if it wavers from orthodox Marxist beliefs.

The Luo and Xi families have a deep history together, as indicated in how Luo addresses Xi Jinping as “brother Xi.”

He opens the letter by reminding Xi of the close relationship their parents shared. Luo Ruiqing, a very early Party member and the founder of the regime’s public security apparatus, and Xi Zhongxun, who formerly headed the Party’s propaganda department, became “intimate friends” after both were made vice premiers of the State Council—the equivalent of China’s cabinet—in 1959.

“The entire Communist Party is rotten. No official isn’t corrupt, and by opposing corruption, you are opposing the Party,” Luo writes. “And in the Politburo Standing Committee, you have one supporter, one neutral, and four awaiting your fall.”

Full article: Son of Chinese Revolutionary Tells Xi Jinping to End Communist Party’s Dictatorship (The Epoch Times)

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