Brazil Pursues Impeachment Against Rousseff

For more on Rousseff, such as her Communist past and current Communist connections, please see HERE.


A senior Brazilian lawmaker approved impeachment hearings Wednesday over allegations against President Dilma Rousseff.

During Rousseff’s presidency, unemployment has increased, the economy has slowed, and she is accused in an oil scandal.

The impeachment process will examine Rousseff’s connection to the Petrobras oil and energy company. The scandal centers on money payoffs to politicians and executives. Rousseff was chairwoman of the Petrobras board when a questionable oil refinery purchase was made in 2006.

She also will be questioned about the government’s accounting and spending history, according to the Washington Post.

The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies will vote on articles of impeachment. If two-thirds of the chamber – or 342 membersvote for impeachment, Rousseff will be suspended. A final vote will be held by the country’s senate.

Full article: Brazil Pursues Impeachment Against Rousseff (Voice of America)

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