Why the Euro Is A Dead Currency

If you’ve been following this site for a while you will already know who runs the show in Europe — with 2/3 of the Troika (European Commission, European Central Bank, IMF) being ran by this same nation. The remaining 1/3 (IMF) is headed by Christine Legarde, who is of French origin, yet is strongly tied to the Obama administration and serves as a hedge for American interests.

All signs surely point to a breakup of the monetary union, but what people don’t see are a parallel actions to continue further integration. It may very well break up, but there will be another union behind it rising out of the ashes: The United States of Europe. The politicians and Eurocrats are defying all logic and pushing full steam ahead, no matter the cost.

It’s the greatest heist of all time and the new superpower to come out of it all is under construction.

Experts may tell you it’s game over, but the Bible, God’s written word, says otherwise.


I have been warning that government can do whatever it likes and declare anything to be be a criminal act. In the USA, not paying taxes is NOT a crime, failing to file your income tax is the crime. The EU has imposed the first outright total asset reporting requirement for cash, jewelry, and anything else you have of value stored away.

As of January 1st, 2016, ALL GREEKS must report their personal cash holdings, whatever jewelry they possess, and the contents of their storage facilities under penalty of criminal prosecution. The dictatorship of the Troika has demanded that Greeks will be the first to have to report all personal assets. Why the Greek government has NOT exited the Eurozone is just insanity. The Greek government has betrayed its own people to Brussels. The Troika will shake every Greek upside down until they rob every personal asset they have.

Greeks are just the first test case. All Greeks must declare cash over € 15,000, jewelry worth more than 30,000 euros and the contents of their storage lockers/facilities. This is a decree of the Department of Justice and the Ministry of Finance meaning if you do not comply, it will become criminal.

This is the test run. Everyone else will be treated the same. Just how much longer can the EU remain together?

Full article: Why the Euro Is A Dead Currency (Armstrong Economics)

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