Russia’s nuclear weapon arsenal surpasses US

This was clear when it was discovered America’s nuclear force hasn’t seen new units since the early 90’s and is still ran on floppy-disc technology. Soon Moscow will have first-strike capability and will be able to claim checkmate on America if the U.S. doesn’t get its act together soon — if it’s not too late already. They’re already able to openly boast they’re superior without fear of America mitigating the threat.


Russia’s nuclear arsenal surpasses the US and in the future it will be even stronger, the developer of the Russian strategic missile systems, the general designer of the ‘Moscow Institute of Thermal Technologies’ Yuri Solomonov said on Thursday.

“As long as there are nuclear weapons, there will be no war that’s for 100%. That is a guarantee of our security.

“Our nuclear arsenal is stronger than the American strategic nuclear force. And it will be even stronger. I am saying this not to brag but I know it professionally,” Solomonov said.

Full article: Russia’s nuclear weapon arsenal surpasses US (Spacewar)

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