Germany bolstering military presence in Kurdistan Region

As said here many times throughout the years here, a European Army is right around the corner. At the moment, the pace is slow due to incohesion with member states, however that’s likely to change as more events such as the Parisian massacre take place. NATO will eventually be rendered unnecessary and a new military will fill in the vacuum. Expect more events to bring Europe into an increasingly right-wing continent which will demand action. Then the pace will pick up for this future army. Only then, the difference will be that the only thing remaining around the corner will be major war. Germany will lead it and the rest of the willing will remain subservient (i.e. France) or like-mindedness (The Netherlands).


MAINZ, Germany – Germany said it is bolstering its military presence in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region and deploy jets in the fight against ISIS, following a French plea to EU allies after the deadly bombings in Paris.

And former Belgian prime minister and now head of the Liberal faction in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, tweeted on Wednesday that a European military coalition is indispensable for the security of European citizens.

He said that will be the start of a real foreign and defense community in Europe, adding that this coalition will break the stalemate in Europe and lead to the eradication of ISIS and a political solution for Syria, without President Bashar al-Assad.

For a long time now, several European countries try to forward the idea of a united European army. Amongst those are Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg and some others.

Earlier this year Jean Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, demanded a European army, saying that it would make Europe more credible in terms of security and foreign policy.

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