Four Ways Russia’s Military is More Advanced Than One Might Think

This post is intended to highlight the growing Russian threat, as opposed to boasting about capability, as found on this state-run (FSB/Kremlin) source. The fact that they boast about it proves they’re ready to take the mask off and reveal their true intentions. It also serves to address the widespread belief that the U.S. is prepared, holds the absolute advantage and Tom Cruise from Top Gun is here to save them. The last two are utterly and absolutely false, whereas prepardness is 75% eroded. The U.S. has lulled itself to sleep and refuses to believe Russia’s intentions of going to war with it, no matter how much proof is brought before it.


According to the article, many in the West tend to think that Russian hardware is second-rate, and that if the Russians make anything good, they must have copied it from the West.

“In reality, Russia can be innovative in weapons design, and sometimes ahead of the West. Occasionally the country pursues crazy ideas than cannot work, like mind control weaponry. Yet just as often they develop weapons with no counterparts in the US,” the article read.

It is a fact when, for example, it comes to rockets.

“Nobody should doubt Russian rocket science,” the author wrote noting a long pedigree of Russia’s advancements in the field. The magazine praised Russian advancements in air-to-surface missile-creation, particularly S-300 systems which Iran has started to buy and S-400 air defenses recently deployed to Syria.

Russian air-to-air missiles are technically very sophisticated. The R-73 missile has an “off-boresight” capability to hit targets not directly in front of the aircraft.

When they were introduced into service, NATO soon noted the advantage they gave Russian pilots compared to their equivalent, the US AIM-9 Sidewinder.

As for long-range air combat (64 kilometers or more), Russia has another advanced piece of hardware, the R-77 missile. Its latest version has an active phased array antenna that gives it “zero reaction time to unexpected evolutions of the target.” According to the article, the missile is more sophisticated than its US rival, the AIM-120.

“The Russians also have a surprising ability to think out of the box-for good and bad,” the article read. For example, the Shkval rocket-torpedo can travel under water four times faster than any Western torpedo.

Full article: Four Ways Russia’s Military is More Advanced Than One Might Think (Sputnik News)

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