WARNING: Sick Islamic State terrorists could pose as MEDICAL WORKERS to attack HOSPITALS

Don’t think the same couldn’t happen in America. The bad guys have always plans such as this, which aren’t limited to hospitals. Kindergartens, universities, movie theaters, etc… are all targets by islamic terrorists. Thousands of terror cells are already in and awaiting the green light to strike where it hurts America the most, morally, socially and economically.


ISLAMIC State jihadis could impersonate firefighters and medical staff to stage horrifying attacks on hospitals, it has been claimed.

Belgian authorities fear the savage terror group could be planning a Paris-style massacre in hospitals in Brussels – and government ministers have warned emergency services that terrorists could slip in undetected by impersonating them.

Reports have suggested hospital chiefs have been advised to ensure uniforms cannot be stolen and to update emergency plans and lists of doctors and senior staff.

The startling news comes after a dozen full-body protective suits were stolen from locked store in a Paris hospital – leading to speculation that a chemical or biological attack could be imminent.

Details of the theft emerged last Thursday – on the same day French prime minister Manuel Valls suggested the country could be at risk from such an attack.

He said: “There may also be a risk of chemical and bacteriological weapons” used by attackers.

Full article: WARNING: Sick Islamic State terrorists could pose as MEDICAL WORKERS to attack HOSPITALS (Express)

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