New Chinese Laser Weapon Stars On TV

Low Altitude Guard II – The LAG II is now being evaluated by the PLA for anti-drone missions. This laser is powerful enough so that when linked to a fire control radar, it could potentially also shoot down enemy artillery shells, rockets and missiles. CNTV


Laser weapons are not just the stuff of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but also now a real technology of growing importance to war. On November 7, 2015, a CCTV newscast showed that China is making great progress in this new weapons area, showing images of a laser weapon, the Low Altitude Guardian II (LAG II), destroying airborne targets at a military test site.

Claimed to be China’s most powerful laser weapon in the public domain (there are reports of more powerful but classified anti-satellite lasers), the LAG II is built by the Chinese Academy of Physics Engineering and Jiuyuan High Tech Equipment Corporation. Similar in size to the U.S. Marines’ Ground-Based Air Defense Directed Energy On-The-Move, it is mounted on a wheeled, towed carriage that carries its turret, power components, which can be pulled by a light truck. The LAG II’s turret, when its protective dome retracts, uses its electro-optical sensor to acquire and track targets autonomously, before destroying it upon command from a human operator. The LAG II could be upgraded with datalinks to off vehicle radars, which would allow the engagement of higher speed targets like rocket artillery.

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