Pictorial Essay: 15 Proofs It’s a Fake, Fake, Fake America

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Remember the hilarious 1960s movie, “It’s a Mad Mad Mad World?” Well, we live in a fake fake fake America. Politicians, economists, all MSM talking heads, Big Business, virtually every commercial that has ever aired, preachers, and on and on and on, all have one thing in common. They’re all liars and fake as a three dollar bill.

“Fake”, a simple definition: something that is not what it purports to be, a worthless imitation passed off as genuine; an impostor or charlatan. Example: “American society is extraordinarily fake; filled with lies, fraud, facades, mirages, deception, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and brainwashing.”


When was the last time a woman had to wonder if that twelve inch python was real, or a Silicone Imposter? Never! Concerning bodies, women are so darned deceptive! Look at the cosmetics aisle at your supermarket. There are ten thousand items all designed to make a woman look like she’s not … and adding insult to injury, it takes her an hour to look not real. I get out of bed and I’m ready in ten minutes …. on a slow morning. I believe in pre-marital steam baths. You men want a GOOD look at your woman before getting married in order to combat her false advertising. Fake boobies, fake eyelashes, fake eyebrows, fake nails … ya gotta know what you’re signing up for. But, oh yeah baby — she wants a real man!! One last thing, men don’t fake orgasms.


“News” is nothing more than corporate infotainment. CNN even last year stated they were primarily an “entertainment company”. All news is watered-down garbage, revealed in sixty second soundbites, usually read from the same exact script (regardless of channel) by bimbos and mimbos who really aren’t even qualified to serve french fries at McShits. You will NEVER find things of real significance, nor truly unbiased, nor in-depth coverage of anything important. News executives view you as an IDIOT. Really. Six corporations control the vast majority of “news” in America, and they will slice, dice, select, censor, manipulate, faker-ize, every last sound bite — and you WILL like it! Heck, most American morons will even believe they’re being told the truth.


Naturally, given Fake News, it logically follows that we are inundated with Fake Journalists. There are zero “investigative journalists” on television today. Please watch at least a couple minutes of the above video. There are only three qualifications required to be a teevee news “reporter”; 1) can you read from a teleprompter?, 2) can you make the appropriate faces – sad, happy, puzzled, etc. — as necessary just seconds apart?, and 3) can you ad-lib amazingly dumb-ass comments at the end of a story …”Yes, Wolfdick, that’s just terrible that 503 Christian babies were roasted alive in Saudi Arabia. So sad.”. Accompanied, of course, by a fake sad face.


The word ‘amuse’ can be broken down into two parts; “a” meaning to negate, or not – and ‘muse’ meaning “to think”. Literally then, ‘amuse’ means ‘to not think’. And there is absolutely nothing in this world which encourages not-thinking than teevee and movies. Hollywood is a literal cesspool of fakery and superficiality. Nothing is real, all is an illusion. What you look like counts for far more than who you are. Being on the “A list” is more important than what you know. Gucci bags make a woman, not her integrity. Big fake tits and big puffy Botox lips count for far more than a big heart. Then these whores sell their souls peddling endless useless products like Reverse Mortgages and anti-aging creams … where making a buck at your expense is the new American Dream.


Recipe #1: Whole Wheat Flour, Water, Eggs, Tomatoes, Butter, Wine, Parmesan, Garlic, Onion, Rosemary, Basil, Pepper, Salt.

Recipe #2: Water, Tomato Paste, Flour, Calcium Phosphate, Niacin, Ferrous Sulfate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Salt, Enzyme Modified Cheddar Cheese, Sugar, Calcium Chloride, Flavorings, Disodium Phosphate, Vegetable Oil, Onion Extract, Thyme Oil, Laurel Leaf Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Vitamin D, Food Colorings, Potassium Chloride.

Which of the above recipes would you rather eat? Well, you’re not getting #1 because that’s my mom’s basic recipe ingredients for spaghetti and tomato sauce (yes, she makes her own pasta). You’re stuck with crapola recipe #2; Campbell’s Spaghetti-Oh. (I believe the “Oh” part in the name is Campbell’s abbreviation for “Oh My God, we can’t believe mothers will feed this shit to their children!”)

GMOs, chemical concoctions, carcinogen inducing preservatives, synthetic everything, artificial everything, over-refined, over-processed, over-cooked, sugarized, and denuded of almost all natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes …. that’s your typical American diet. It produces the Fattest Asses in the history of humanity. And, death. And Americans simply don’t care. Otherwise, companies like Campbell (mm-mm-shit!) and McDonalds (McShits) would go out of business.


The fact of the matter is that our entire medical system is based on masking symptoms, “managing” illness, treating us as pin-cushions with all their ineffective shots, and shoving one cure-all pill after pill after pill down our gullets.  Preventing illness is for pussies. This does not constitute true healing. It is fakery, and our bodies are the victim. And don’t even get me started on the billions of psychotropic pills consumed by our depressed asses. When Big Pharma has no idea how or why their make-happy brain pills actually work — then, what you have dear reader, is massive fakery such as the world has never seen.

Sure, American Medicine does save lives. They gave my mom a new hip, which has made her life immeasurably better. They cured my dad of his colon issues, or he would be dead. Thank you! But, that does change the fact that so very very much of it is Puke Fakery … and, deadly. The statistics are staggeringly depressing; — 106,000 deaths annually from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines, 58,000 deaths from unnecessary procedures, 80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals, 98,000 deaths from medical error and on and on. When did going to a hospital become a death sentence?


…Money must be created by someone, somewhere, because money does not exist in nature–except to the extent that a natural item like gold or salt might be assigned the properties of money. Even the Federal Reserve tells us that — “banks actually create money when they lend it“.  In other words, the fractional reserve system essentially creates money out of thin air.


Government today is involved in “crony capitalism” – whereby government and business are in a predatory partnership that extracts wealth to its own benefit. If you take into account companies and other organizations that are directly or indirectly controlled by the government, it becomes crystal clear that almost all of our economy is in the ‘public’ sphere. The most glaring example of this predatory partnership between government and business is the financial collapse of 2008. Massive government subsidies to prop up failing banks and investment houses were required lest the entire economy be destroyed. A few become enormously wealthy, and the rest of us were flushed down the crapper. A more recent example is how the government willingly destroyed free markets around healthcare (thanks, Obamacare) and vaccines to the benefit its Big Pharma masters, while simultaneously refusing to protect the public against the dangers it was created to guard against.

Government fools the people into believing they are free market champions with their endless “free trade” agreements –NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, TTIP and TISA – to name just a few of these vomit inducing laws, for Make Benefit Glorious Nation ‘Murika! These agreements are Orwellian doublespeak for restricted trade agreements — restricted to anyone except giant corporations and whores with a lot of money. Meanwhile, you can spread your ass-cheeks and enjoy your BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again) Agreement as your jobs continue to be outsourced, your wages decrease, more censorship, you go to jail for bizarre copyright infringement laws, and get hauled into private corporate courts which supplant national sovereignty. You people who believe free markets exist, do you also believe in Unicorn farts?


There is no better example that America isn’t serious about waging a War On Terror than the current conflict in the Middle East with ISIS. ISIS has no Navy, no Air Force, no country, no economy (except the oil they steal) to sustain a war, no ability to manufacture weapons, and their “Army” is a bunch of ragtag goat-fornicators dressed in nightgowns and driving Toyotas. America has a trillion dollar military defense budget and has the most formidable weaponry ever invented by mankind yet we can’t defeat them?? Wait! It’s even worse than that! The USA has been bombing ISIS for the past year, and … and … territory gained by ISIS has increased! If you can’t smell the rotting stench of bull-shittery, then you ought to get your nose checked. Meanwhile, Russia in their first week of bombing destroyed more ISIS equipment, facilities, and personnel than the United States did in the entire previous year. This does not mean that the U.S. military is weaker or less competent than Russia’s. What it does mean, unequivocally without question, is that the USA!USA!USA! simply is not serious about fighting this so-called War On Terror.


The United States was meant to be a Republic, not a Democracy.

A democracy runs on majority opinion. In other words, a majority can vote to impose its rule on the minority. A republic contains protections of individual and minority rights, so that no matter who is in power, these basic rights can never be infringed.

Aside from the above technical definitions, in a broader sense people use “democracy” ” to mean a system where the common people have a fair say in public affairs. Representation! Voting! Even if it means voting for your particular choice for dictator. All this is pure unadulterated bovine excrement.


Do you know how to make a cop or politician laugh their fat asses off? Tell them you believe you have certain unalienable, God-given, inherent human rights according to the Constitution. They love that joke. You may be born free, but you’ll die in the land of the fleeced and the home of the slave at the rate we’re going. Almost every liberty guaranteed in the first ten amendments (Bill Of Rights) is being eroded before your very eyes. Let’s just take a quick glance at three of those amendments.

1– The 1st Amendment protects speech, religion, assembly and the press. I could easily write another 5,000 word post showing how we’re losing this right. However, let’s just focus on one area; the many things you do which indicate you are a terrorist according to the government. Being labeled a terrorist for exercising your First Amendment rights would certainly be a violation of the First Amendment. Right? Each and every one of the following items have appeared in a news article. You might be a terrorist if;

3.– The 4th Amendment prevents unlawful search and seizure: — The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,”.  This one is very simple. When the government SPIES ON EVERYTHING YOU DO … then the 4th Amendment has been effectively nullified.

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