Russia’s nuclear torpedo at the cutting edge of underwater warfare tech

The top secret project known as Ocean Multipurpose System: Status-6 will incorporate all the cutting-edge underwater technology and research Russia has to offer, military expert Igor Korotchenko told Radio Sputnik.

In the future, the Status-6 could become one of several delivery systems (along intercontinental ballistic missiles, sky-borne cruise missiles with nuclear warheads, etc.) available to launch a retaliatory strike.

“The United States is actively developing anti-missile defense systems to create an impenetrable shield over its territory. These projects receive massive funding. But Russia will find a way to neutralize any military technical solutions the US could come up with,” the analyst noted.

The Status-6 system is meant to deliver a nuclear warhead to the coastal area of an adversary. It is “essentially an autonomous underwater robot outfitted with a powerful nuclear warhead. The drone is capable of hitting a target located 10,000 kilometers (over 6200 miles) away,” Korotchenko asserted.

“The explosion will also cause a tsunami which will have catastrophic implications for the potential aggressor,” he added.

Full article: Russia’s nuclear torpedo at the cutting edge of underwater warfare tech (Spacewar)

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