Chinese Navy on the Rise, While US Fleet is ‘Smallest Since 1916’


The US is losing its naval race with the Chinese, and draws further parallels with the competition between Germany and Britain one hundred years ago, historian Richard Miles wrote.

According to Richard Miles, the Chinese navy is going from strength to strength, in an echo of the efforts of Germany’s naval force one hundred years ago.

“One hundred years later, China is rapidly and steadily building up its blue water fleet,” and though times have changed, there are several similarities to take note of, particularly the rapidity of the improvement.

Quoting a report by the Center for Naval Analysis, FP highlights that by 2020 China “will be the second most capable ‘far seas’ Navy in the world.”

Building up its military will help to deter the prospect of conflict over Taiwan, writes Miles, as well as enable China to take part in international naval exercises and security missions around the globe.

In contrast, the US navy has shrunk during the same period; after having almost 600 ships in 1989, George W. Bush inherited 316 ships, but the Obama administration now has just 270,”the smallest navy since 1916.”

Full article: Chinese Navy on the Rise, While US Fleet is ‘Smallest Since 1916’ (Sputnik News)

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