Hungary’s Orban: Migrant Invasion Is European Left, American Democrat Plot To Import Left-Wing Voters

The migrant invasion to Europe from the Middle East and Africa may be part of a left-wing plot to pack the continent with sympathetic voters, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has told Swiss magazine die Weltwoche. He also said that the British make better allies because they apply more “common sense” but argued that whether or not we are a Christian nation and continent is rarely discussed by Prime Minister David Cameron and the broader political right in Britain.

Orban, who was the first European leader to erect a strong and almost impenetrable border fence, has previously hit out at pro migrant invasion individuals and ideologues including Hungarian-American businessman George Soros, whose Open Society Foundations provide funding to almost every pro-migration activist and talking head in the English-speaking world.

“I do not know with certainty what is really happening, and I don’t want to accuse anyone, but the suspicion is that all this is no accident. I’m not brave enough to speak in public with confidence about it. But one can not help to imagine that behind it a kind of master plan.

He was asked who was behind the “master plan”, to which he replied: “My personal impression is that the elite of Europe, when it comes to questions of a spiritual nature, debate only shallow and secondary topics.

“I read these articles and essays, and it occurs to me that some authors called for a diminishing role of the nation state… The European Left and radical American Democrats have concocted a theory for this new world.

He said the elite, or ruling classes are only concerned with “[c]ute things like human rights, progress, peace, openness, tolerance… We are not talking about freedom, we are not talking about Christianity, we do not talk about the nation and we are not talking about the pride.”

“They see migration as an opportunity. The left-wing European intelligentsia was theoretically prepared. Now we are dealing with simplicity and power politics: All evidence and experience suggest that the overwhelming majority of these migrants will choose the political left once they are naturalised. So there are future voters left imported into Europe.

And he spoke of how anti-mass migration voices are ignored and belittled.

“The culture of debate, free exchange of views, of free speech is no longer necessarily part of the debate among us political leaders. Unfortunately, it is more and more rare in the public arena – that is in the media, in public opinion. Perhaps this is an effect of the migrant crisis: A free and honest exchange of views is becoming a smaller part of the culture of the European political elite. Everything is regulated, disciplined, and the orientation of each top politician corresponds to his political camp.

“The left side is in this respect in Europe is much more skilful than the [right]… Due to political correctness, the EU has turned into a kind of royal court, where everyone has to behave properly, this migration is an urgent challenge for us.

And Mr. Orban was asked if he’s the only European politician that is willing to speak the way he does about the crisis, and why. He replied:

“I know several European leaders, the privately share my views. But they have speak differently in public… It’s not a lack of courage, not hypocrisy, and not intellectual weakness. It is simply because that Europe is dominated by the left. When debating values, you need strong backing. Not many politicians have the strong voter support as I do.”

Full article: Hungary’s Orban: Migrant Invasion Is European Left, American Democrat Plot To Import Left-Wing Voters (Breitbart London)

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