Russia and China challenging world order: US defense secretary

The US military “do not seek” a new Cold War but it is determined to oppose the rising global powers – Russia and China – to protect the US-dominated “international order,” US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has said.

Carter accused Russia of “nuclear saber-rattling” and “violating sovereignty” of US allies at the Reagan National Defence Forum in California, AP reported Saturday.

“Some actors appear intent on eroding these principles and undercutting the international order that helps enforce them… Of course, neither Russia nor China can overturn that order. But both present different challenges for it,” he said.

Russia and China are challenging “American pre-eminence” and Washington’s so-called “stewardship of the world order” as they reassert themselves on the international arena as serious military powers, he said.

“Most disturbing” for the US official, however, is what he called “Moscow’s nuclear saber-rattling,” which in his view “raises questions about Russian leaders’ commitment to strategic stability, their respect for norms against the use of nuclear weapons, and whether they respect the profound caution nuclear-age leaders showed with regard to the brandishing of nuclear weapons.”

He may be referring to a recent Russian reaction to US plans to deploy advanced nuclear bombs at the Büchel Air Base in Germany, part of a joint NATO nuclear sharing program which involves non-nuclear NATO states hosting more than 200 US nuclear warheads.

Full article: Russia and China challenging world order: US defense secretary (Asia Times)

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