Yes, the outcome of Turkey’s election and the flood of migrants into Europe are connected

Although it was fairly obvious since the refugee crisis started, you can now officially add Turkey to the list of nations successfully blackmailing and destroying Europe. Those already on the list include Greece, Libya, and Russia. Of all these, Russia is the most sinister of all.

As Kevin Freeman points out, this is economic warfare via migration. Moreover, the aim is of divide and disintegrate Europe to the point where it can be conquered because there is no unified approach to keeping the European continent secure while the nation states are busy bickering at one another. It’s a simple game of divide and conquer.

Don’t ever allow for the last few decades of peace to lull you into a false sense of security or think large-scale war can’t happen again. The next world war is already underway and this generation will live to see it. History always repeats itself and Europe seems to be leading the way to the next dark ages. Historically, it has always been home to the world’s bloodiest wars.


The resounding win by the Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi (Justice and Development Party: AKP) in the Nov. 1 parliamentary elections in Turkey relied heavily on the support given to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP because of his promise to resolve the strategic challenge to Western Europe caused by the influx of illegal migration from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan through Turkey, and from Libyan ports.

But evidence is now mounting that the upsurge in the migratory wave was the result of deliberate efforts by Erdogan to facilitate and push the flow of migrants in order to blackmail and punish the EU into supporting him.

The election success gave President Erdogan the ability to call on Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to form a new, single-party government in which the AKP would be able to continue its dominance.

But rather than the stability which the AKP claimed that such a victory would give to Turkey — which was the reason why some European Union members gave public support to Erdogan before the election — the win starts the process for a massive escalation in Turkey’s ongoing civil war between the Islamists, the Kurds, and ‘Alevis.

Sources within the presidency indicate that President Erdogan now feels that he has a mandate to renew major security force attacks on the Kurdish separatists, who have already been the target of major air and ground force attacks in Kurdish areas. As well, Kurdish PKK [Kurdish Workers’ Party/Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan] sources indicated that the wait to see how the election would turn out is now over, and the season for the planned rise of “unrestricted warfare” against Turkish cities is now about to begin.

In other words, the civil war in Turkey, which went into a lull briefly in the run-up to the elections, will now revive significantly.

Again, sources in Ankara indicated that the sudden push of the migrants out of Turkish camps was directly the result of an order from Erdogan. He then portrayed himself, and Turkey, to EU leaders as the only option to stabilize the massive migratory flow.

Full article: Yes, the outcome of Turkey’s election and the flood of migrants into Europe are connected (World Tribune)

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