China vows to speed up military overhauls in bid to build up ‘modern army’

Soldiers of China’s People’s Liberation Army march during a military parade in Beijing in September. Photo: Reuter


Plan sets 2020 goal for progress in building modern armed forces

The ruling Communist Party will speed up overhauls of the military’s hardware and software, state media reported yesterday, adding it aimed to reach its reform target by 2020.

The pledge was contained in a communiqué issued nearly a week after the party’s Central Committee met to decide on the 13th five-year plan.

The People’s Liberation Army would make significant progress towards “mechanisation and informatisation” by 2020, and build a system capable of “winning an informationised war and effectively fulfilling the mandated mission of building modern military strength with Chinese characteristics”, Xinhua reported.

Beijing-based retired major general Xu Guangyu said the five-year plan suggested that the PLA would make some big changes in personnel and streamline some parts of the military’s structure.

The five-year plan said the mainland would step up integration of military and civilian research and development, encouraging innovation in the defence industry and pushing the legislature to protect the intellectual property rights of civilian and military technologies.

Full article: China vows to speed up military overhauls in bid to build up ‘modern army’ (South China Morning Post)

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