Britain Warns Germany Against Europe Split Over Currency Union

Frau Merkel dropped a big hint three years ago that she has no problem with a two-speed Europe, and even endorses the idea. This yet another signal that the greatest heist of all time is well under way.


UK Chancellor George Osborne has warned his German counterpart Wolfgang Schäuble that the European Union is in danger of splitting into two, with those in the Eurozone exerting authority over those countries who are not part of the Eurozone.

The news comes as German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted there was no longer a “one speed Europe”.

Osborne has made it clear he believes there is a genuine possibility that the 19 countries currently in the Eurozone will exert undue influence over those member states — such as the UK, Denmark and Hungary, among others — which are not part of the euro single currency. In outlining his demands for “legal guarantees” as part of renegotiating Britain’s membership of the European Union.

He believes that new voting rules introduced as part of the Lisbon Treaty could lead to the Eurozone bloc voting for single market laws that favor the Eurozone nations and penalize non-euro countries. In particular, he does not want Germany to exert undue influence that would enable Frankfurt to usurp London’s dominance of the financial sector in Europe.

Never Closer Union

Osborne said the UK was totally against a central principle of the EU — an ‘ever closer union’ hinting that Europe could split with those in the Eurozone having ‘ever closer union’ and those outside, not.

“In the UK, where this is widely interpreted as a commitment to ever closer political integration, that concept is now supported by a tiny proportion of voters,” Osborne said.

“I believe it is this that is the cause of some of the strains between Britain and our European partners. Ever closer union is not right for us any longer.” 

Osborne received support from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who — speaking in Berlin ahead of Osborne — said:

“I agree that Britain should stay in the European Union, but of course the decision is not up to us, it will be up to the British. Where there are justified concerns – whether competitiveness or a better functioning of the EU – British concerns are our concerns.”

Admitting Osborne’s belief that Europe would be split, she added:

“The Europe of today is no longer a one-speed Europe.”

Full article: Britain Warns Germany Against Europe Split Over Currency Union (Sputnik News)

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