America’s next superbomber to be shrouded in secret for years



Almost every aspect of America’s newest bomber is top secret, but experts predict the warplane will be very “stealthy,” packed with sensors — and able to deliver nuclear payloads anywhere.

The Pentagon this week announced Northrop Grumman as the winner of the much-anticipated contest to build the Long Range Strike Bomber, or LRSB, in a decades-long program that will likely end up costing in excess of $100 billion.

The Air Force wants 100 of the warplanes, which will replace America’s increasingly antique B-52s — originally designed in the 1950s — and its B-1 bombers that first saw action in the 1980s.

But what will the future symbol of American military might actually look like?

Right now — and for years to come — the plane’s outward appearance, and inner workings, are intended to remain classified.

Based on the world’s changing security environment, especially new cyber threats, experts envision an extremely high-tech plane that can penetrate enemy territory without registering on radar.

“It would carry on-board electronic attack equipment to supplement its stealth,” Loren Thompson, an expert at the Lexington Institute think tank, told AFP.

“It must be stealthy in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. It has to have electronic, on-board jamming equipment that would add to its stealth by preventing enemy sensors from working.”

Full article: America’s next superbomber to be shrouded in secret for years (Space Daily)

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