Taiwan military says China preparing for possible attack

China is actively building up its armed forces and they would be strong enough by 2020 to launch an invasion of Taiwan, a military report said Tuesday.

Despite closer political ties, China is “continuing to accumulate large-scale war capabilities, with the threat of a cross-strait military conflict continuing to exist”, according to the island’s 2015 National Defence Report.

The mainland’s annual military spending has grown on average by double-digit rates over the past decade, second only to the United States, it said.

The biennial report published by the defence ministry said China was strengthening its naval and air forces in the region to deter foreign forces from intervening in any invasion.

 “China believes foreign interference would be its biggest concern if it attacks Taiwan,” it said.

China and Taiwan split at the end of a civil war in 1949.

Full article: Taiwan military says China preparing for possible attack (Asia Times)

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