CIA chief: Military solution ‘impossible’ in Syria, Iraq

A military solution is “impossible” in parts of the Middle East, US CIA chief John Brennan said Tuesday, arguing that it was hard to picture effective central governments in some countries as they exist today.

“When I look at Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen,” Brennan said, “it’s hard for me to envision a central government in those countries that’s going to be able to exert control or authority over the territory that was carved out post World War II.”

“A military solution is just impossible in any of these countries,” he added.

“You need to be able to bring down the temperature, try to de-escalate the conflict, build up some trust between the parties that are there, that are seriously interested by a peace settlement” he said.

“The Middle East we have known is over, I doubt it will come back,” he told the conference.

Full article: CIA chief: Military solution ‘impossible’ in Syria, Iraq (The Times of Israel)

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