PLA wants ability to attack Taiwan by 2020: report

China has in recent years continued to upgrade several major weapons systems to complete preparations for a reliable fighting force that could launch an attack Taiwan by 2020, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has said in an annual report on the country’s security.

Though beijing has said it hopes to solve disputes between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait through peaceful means, it continues to ramp up combat readiness and its desire to achieve unification with Taiwan — by force, if deemed necessary — has not changed despite the warming of cross-strait ties.

An advanced copy of the report, scheduled to be published Tuesday, said China has dramatically upgraded its early warning, command and control, battleground reconnaissance, airplane and vessel navigation, communications encryption and precise striking capability.

China is now capable of round-the-clock monitoring west of waters of the Pacific First Island Chain, which refers to the first major archipelagos lying off the East Asian continental mainland and includes the Japanese archipelago, the Ryukyu islands, Taiwan and the northern Philippines, according the report.

China now has an “triphibious” landing combat capability that can “seize the outlying islands” of Taiwan, the report said.

The report also said that China has in recent years deployed amphibious assault vehicles, long-distance multiple rockets, long range anti-ship missiles, third-generation fighter jets and anti-air missiles.

In addition, the PLA’s Second Artillery Corps has continued to deploy missiles against Taiwan to complete preparations to establish a reliable fighting force.

Full article: PLA wants ability to attack Taiwan by 2020: report (Want China Times)

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