H-6K is nearing invincibility: Sputnik News


A H-6K bomber. (Internet photo)


Capable of carrying seven YJ-12 supersonic antiship cruise missiles or CJ-20 subsonic land attack cruise missiles, the PLA Air Force’s H-6K strategic bomber is going to be nearly invincible in future aerial warfare over the Western Pacific, according to the Moscow-based Sputnik News.

The combat radius of a H-6J bomber is estimated to be 1,900 kilometers, said the report. With the assistance of aerial refueling aircraft, the combat radius of the bomber will be gradually expand to 3,200 kilometers.

Unlike the US Air Force’s B-2 bomber, the H-6K, modeled after the Soviet Union’s Cold War era Tu-16 bomber, has no stealth capabilities. However, the new YJ-12 and CJ-20 missile systems will allow the bomber to launch an attack a safe distance from enemy air defense systems, said the report.

Full article: H-6K is nearing invincibility: Sputnik News (Want China Times)

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