China now has more surface combat ships than Japan

By commissioning more advanced destroyers and frigates into active service, China now possesses more surface combat ships than Japan, reports the Hangzhou-based Qianjiang Evening News.

Zhang Ming, a Chinese military expert, told Qianjiang Evening News that only 24 of Japan’s 44 surface combat ships are advanced enough to compete with those 45 Chinese warships mentioned above.

China will eventually launch the more advanced 12,000-ton Type 055 guided-missile destroyers into service. Zhang Ming believes that the fighting capability of the PLA Navy will inevitably will surpass that of the JMSDF by that time.

“Don’t forget, China has a real aircraft carrier, and a carrier battle group is overwhelmingly more powerful than a fleet of warships without an aircraft carrier,” Zhang said in the interview.

Full article: China now has more surface combat ships than Japan (Want China Times)

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