Pakistan Developed Tactical Nuclear Weapons to ‘Deter’ India, Says Top Official

Washington:  Justifying its growing arsenal of nuclear weapons, Pakistan yesterday said it has developed them to “deter” a possible attack from India after it built infrastructure near border areas to help launch quick response in case of war.

“Our nuclear programme is one dimensional: stopping Indian aggression before it happens. It is not for starting a war. It is for deterrence,” Pakistan Foreign Secretary, Aizaz Chaudhry told a news briefing ahead of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s US trip to hold talks with President Barack Obama.

He explained that Pakistan’s “low-yield, tactical nuclear weapons” would make it difficult for India to launch a war against Pakistan while remaining under the nuclear threshold.

Mr Chaudhry said that India had created a gap in the capabilities of the two countries through its cold-start doctrine that was developed for use in a possible war with Pakistan that involves various branches of India’s military conducting offensive operations.

It was the first concrete explanation from a senior Pakistani official on how Islamabad plans to deal with New Delhi’s so-called cold-start doctrine, now renamed the proactive strategy, The Dawn reported.

Full article: Pakistan Developed Tactical Nuclear Weapons to ‘Deter’ India, Says Top Official (NDTV)

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