Australia’s Darwin port leased to Chinese company for 99 yrs

America outmaneuvered through ‘business’ with an Australian government who considers cattle a priority over national security in Oceania and the Asia-Pacific. Being that China will now have an 80% stake in the port, they have an opportunity to exploit economic warfare on Australia as well.


A decision by Australia’s Northern Territory government to lease the Port of Darwin to the Chinese-owned Landbridge Group for 99 years has become a hot topic of debate among the nation’s senior defense officials, reports the state-owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Tracey Hayes, chief executive of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association, welcomed the deal as she believes it is vital to keep Australia’s busiest port for live cattle export running efficiently.

“We think this is a significant step towards the development of the Territory and the growing of our economy,” Hayes said.

However, an unnamed senior Australian defense official has a very different opinion on the deal.

“Darwin plays host to major Navy and multi-national exercises and operations involving around 100 visiting Australian and foreign major warships each year,” the official told the ABC.

The official noted that Darwin is indeed a base for the United States to send reinforcements to disputed waters in the South China Sea as part of America’s strategy to curb Chinese expansion into the region.

Full article: Australia’s Darwin port leased to Chinese company for 99 yrs (Want China Times)

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