J-20 would defeat F-15J in long-range air combat

After claiming that the Japanese F-2 multirole fighter is going to defeat its Chinese counterpart, J-10 in a future air combat over the disputed Diaoyutai (Senkaku) islands, Kyle Mizokami, an American military expert said that the People’s Liberation Army’s J-20 fifth-generation fighter will be able to shoot down Japan’s American-built F-15J fighter in an article he wrote for the National Interest magazine on Oct. 16.

The precise role of Chengdu Aerospace Corporation’s J-20 fighter still remains unknown, Mizokami said. Due to its large size, the J-20 can be developed to mimic Russia’s MiG-31 interceptor, with missions to shoot down enemy aerial refueling tankers, early warning and control aircraft, as well as perform reconnaissance and intelligence collection. It can also be designed as a medium long-range bomber like the American-built F-111.

In air combat, if China’s J-20 is developed particularly to fight the F-15J as a long-range air superiority fighter, it would be extremely difficult for the F-15J fighter to detect the Chinese fifth-generation fighter at a longer range. If the designers of J-20 are able to reduce the aircraft’s radar cross section, the F-15J fighter’s advantage in launching an attack from beyond visual range against the J-20 will be reduced gradually.

Full article: J-20 would defeat F-15J in long-range air combat (Want China Times)

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