Italy could back Britain over two-speed Europe

Sound familliar? We likely found the cheap labor source with the refugee crisis but will still have to wait and see how a United States of Europe takes shape.


Anglo-Italian initiative on status of euro “outs” could help Cameron pull off Brexit renegotiation coup

David Cameron’s hopes of winning a successful renegotiation in Europe are poised to receive an important boost from Italy following talks between both countries’ foreign ministers, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

Although Mr Cameron will not set out his formal demands to EU leaders until next month, a behind-the-scenes collaboration with Italy is already exploring ways to help Britain win a key battle over redefining the concept of ‘ever closer union’.

On the table is a plan to formalise the “out” status of the nine countries that currently do not use the euro in order to allow Mr Cameron to claim that he had won a major victory in halting the inexorable advance towards a European super-state.

However analysts say that if a core eurozone country like Italy was to come out publicly in support of such a key British demand it would be a symbolic step forward, since to date no major eurozone country has backed British calls for a loser union.

Charles Grant, director of the pro-European Centre for European Reform, said Italian backing for the British vision of Europe as an explicitly multi-currency union, would be both practically and politically useful to Downing Street.

“A British-Italian initiative to clarify the distinction between eurozone countries and the others could be significant,” he said, “because diplomatically, it shows one of the founding six is willing to work with the British on EU reform.

“Politically, it also helps Cameron to reassure voters that Britain can avoid being sucked into whirlpool of integration.”

Full article: Italy could back Britain over two-speed Europe (The Telegraph)

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