Extremist ‘infiltration’ in hospitals, schools and civil service to be investigated

David Cameron launches major review to determine whether Islamist extremists have infiltrated every walk of life from the NHS to the education system

David Cameron has launched a major review into whether Islamist extremists have infiltrated the NHS, the civil service, local authorities and the country’s education system.

The Prime Minister has ordered officials to carry out an investigation to make sure British institutions are protected from the threat of “entryism” by radicals.

It follows the Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham, where Islamist extremists attempted to take over a number of schools and radicalise children.

Launching the new extremism strategy today, the Government admitted that it has “inadequate understanding” of the way public bodies can be targeted by extremists.

Mr Cameron also announced a new review into the application of Shari’a law in the UK.

The Government also said it will toughen the rules around gaining British citizenship.

The report states: “Gaining British citizenship is a privilege and should signal a person’s commitment to becoming an active member of our society. So we will strengthen the ‘good character’ requirement in citizenship applications to include whether an individual has promoted extremist views, or acted in a way which undermines our values.”

Full article: Extremist ‘infiltration’ in hospitals, schools and civil service to be investigated (The Telegraph)

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