China orders academics to push Communist doctrine online

Chinese academics will be required to promote Communist party doctrine on the Internet, state-run media said Thursday, with promotions dependent on their ability to guide political discussions online.

New guidelines from the country’s education ministry call on teachers of political doctrine to promote “core socialist values” on social media, the state-run Global Times said.

The move is the latest effort by China’s ruling Communist party to push its ideology in classrooms, raising fears over tightening limits on already curtailed academic freedoms, as well as more broadly.

The news followed an inaugural “Global Marxism Conference” held at the weekend at the prestigious Peking University, which is investing heavily in attempts to modernise the ideology in a form acceptable to the Communist party.

Rival institution Tsinghua has taken efforts a step further by launching a free online course in “Mao Zedong Thought” aimed at students abroad last month.

Chinese teachers preaching Communist doctrine in universities must use “Internet lingo” accessible to young people to spread state-sanctioned political views, the education ministry said on its website.

They should also “identify, resist and critique harmful information online”, it added, promising monetary awards and promotions to those who prove successful.

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