2,200 US fighters needed to defeat PLA attack on Taiwan by 2017

Essentially, what the RAND Corporation’s analysis tells us is that war with China means serious losses on the U.S. side. China has been allowed to gain the upper hand in the Asia-Pacific and it’s only a matter of time before it gains the upper hand in the Western Pacific. All of the artificial islands China has been dredging up will ensure nobody will reach the mainland and doubles as a platform for projecting power into the west. On another note, you can thank the Clintons and the U.S. Department of Commerce for their technological leap and undermining of America’s national security as well as leadership role in the world.


To defeat a potential Chinese aerial offensive against Taiwan, the United States would need to deploy 30 fighter wings to the Western Pacific. Such an attrition campaign against the PLA Air Force and Navy Air Force would be unsustainable for the US.

Seven fighter wings would be able to wipe out half of the Chinese air power over the Taiwan Strait within a week. Three weeks would be needed if the number of fighter wings were reduced to four.

A three-week campaign, however, would give the PLA ground forces enough time to occupy the entire island. It is doubtful whether the US military could logistically even support the deployment of 30 fighter wings to the Western Pacific, China’s Global Times said. Even if the US is capable of deploying that many fighters and supporting aircraft to the region, PLA ballistic missiles may be able to wipe them out before they even launched, according to the Global Times report.

Full article: 2,200 US fighters needed to defeat PLA attack on Taiwan by 2017 (Want China Times)

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