US Losing Its Positions of World Power – Former US Military Official


Wilkerson believes that the future of the US military power looks very pessimistic. In his speech to students at Lone Star College in Kingwood, Texas he said that shortly before their demise, empires concentrate on the use of military force as the alpha and omega of their power.

According to Wilkerson, empires also start to use mercenaries instead of regular soldiers when they are about to collapse. This was the case in Syria, when the US financed rebels and contributed to the deterioration of the situation.

Like Wilkerson, Murphy wrote that disinterest of a world power in the rest of the world is a typical sign of its decay.

“The question is not whether the United States will lose its unchallenged global power, but just how precipitous and wrenching the decline will be,” CBS News wrote.

Full article: US Losing Its Positions of World Power – Former US Military Official (Sputnik News)

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