Three obvious signs the entire system is changing

I remember watching Ronald Regan on TV when he told Mikhail Gorbachev, and the entire world to ‘tear down this wall’ from West Berlin.And within a few years it happened. The Soviet Union collapsed, leaving the United States as the victor in the Cold War.

US geopolitical, economic, financial, and military power was completely unchallenged. And it would remain that way for years.

Now it’s a completely different story. The entire system is changing.

And while the US may still be the leading power in the world, its dominance is being rapidly chipped away.

Here are three major examples we’ve seen just in the last few weeks:

1) The dominant international force in the Middle East is now… Russia.

There has been a LOT of tough talk by the US government about Syria over the last few years, including tough-guy promises about military action if Assad crossed a line in the sand.

Assad crossed it. He used sarin gas on his own people—the infamous ‘red line’ that Barack Obama said would trigger a military response from the US.

Yet there was no US military response.

Instead, Vladimir Putin has actually been helping prop up the Syrian regime, as well as unilaterally bombing ISIS targets in the region.

And the Chinese government has sent its own warships to Syria.

2) China has launched its own competitive international banking network

For more than seven decades, the US banking system has underpinned the global banking system.

The US has abused this position of trust over and over and over again.

China finally got tired of it. And, a few years ago, they started working on an alternate system whereby international payments no longer needed to clear through the US.

It’s called the China International Payments System (or CIPS). And it launched last Thursday.

3) There’s an epic revolution in the global financial system

Seven years ago, central bankers from around the world coordinated policy moves to set interest rates at 0% (or even negative) and conjure trillions of dollars, yen, renminbi, euros, etc. out of thin air.

Around the same time, digital payments technology known as Bitcoin was invented.

All three of these are very clear signs that the system is changing.

The old structure in the world—a system dominated by the US government, US banks, and the US dollar—is finished.

The US is in decline. The US government is overloaded with debt. The US financial system is losing is dominance. And even the banking institutions themselves are losing relevance.

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