Russian Long-Range Cruise Missiles ‘Particular Challenge’ for US Defense

And thanks to the chaos in Syria, Russia and a host of other nations such as China and Iran are able to test out their new toys. This is why Chechnya has never seen a full-scale Russian invasion although most of their Chechen rebel and islamic terror problems in the past have come from it. Although it’s been quiet lately, it serves as a playground for continuous testing.


Russian long-range aviation and highly accurate long-range cruise missiles present a new challenge for US strategic homeland defense, US Commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Adm. William Gortney said.

“The challenge that is confronting us…is the Russian long-range aviation and the Russian cruise missile threat from submarine, subsurface platforms and surface platforms,” Gortney said in a Wednesday speech at the Atlantic Council.

He added that the Russian cruise missile threat is a “particular challenge for NORAD and for Northern Command.”

Gortney said that the Russian long-range aviation capabilities enable aircraft to potentially hit critical targets in North America and “never leave Russian territory in order to do it.”

Russian military capabilities and doctrine are “qualitatively better” than Soviet systems, Gortney commented.

Full article: Russian Long-Range Cruise Missiles ‘Particular Challenge’ for US Defense (Spacewar)

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