Russian spies stealing secrets of Britain’s NUCLEAR submarines…making them USELESS

Vessels deployed by the “sabre-rattling” Kremlin are patrolling close to naval bases in Scotland – home to the Trident weapons system – in a bid to poach the ‘acoustic signature’ of British submarines.

If successful, it would render much of Britain’s clandestine naval fleet effectively useless, as Vladimir Putin’s military would be able to trace the precise location of our supposedly ‘stealth’ submarines – and SINK them.

According to a report by think-tank The Henry Jackson Society, Russian spies are seeking to obtain the ‘signature’ made by the Vanguard submarines, which would allow them to track and target British vessels.

The report, Close Encounters: Russia Military Intrusions into UK Air and Sea Space Since 2005, also details how ill-prepared the UK is to combat Russian aircraft and sea vessels encroaching on British territory.

The report argues: “Decisions made by the UK Government – in particular, the one to axe the Nimrod maritime patrol surveillance fleet, as part of the 2010 Security and Defence Spending Review – have left the country vulnerable to Russia’s intelligence-gathering exercises and have reduced its ability to defend itself.”

Russia has already been able to gain valuable information about the chain of command within the UK military, the reaction times of the RAF and Royal Navy, the capabilities of the Air Force pilots and Royal Navy captains and the levels of co-operation between NATO members.

Full article: Russian spies stealing secrets of Britain’s NUCLEAR submarines…making them USELESS (Express)

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