German president calls on US to win back lost trust

Germany’s Fourth Reich is using the NSA ‘scandal’ they’ve known and happily been apart of since the agency’s inception to cause a trans-Atlantic rift. This rift serves to allow Europe to reach its own independence without America so it can become its own superpower with German leadership at the helm. The icing on the cake will be a limited war with Russia, for example, where an incursion is made into EU territories and America/NATO sit back and do nothing, like they did with ISIS. Many Europeans despite today’s tension with Putin want NATO out and see no further need for it. Germany especially sees a need for an alliance with Russia over America as it has done twice in the past, both leading to two world wars. This would achieve Russian goals for a NATO breakup and a a foothold in Europe that it always wanted.


It’s been nearly 20 years since a German president was received in the White House. Joachim Gauck, a dissident who organized opposition to the East German state, is calling on the US to practice the values it preaches.

The two men will meet on Wednesday. It’s been 18 years since a German president set foot in the White House. The timing is no coincidence of course. President Gauck has arrived in America to celebrate the 25th anniversary of German re-unification, a seminal historical event in which the United States played an instrumental role.

According to Jeffrey Anderson, Gauck’s meeting with Obama presents an occasion to speak about the importance of privacy, not from a policy perspective, but from a moral and philosophical standpoint.

“It would be an opportunity for him to underscore the historical underpinning of this mistrust of centralized authority and the cherished value that is attached to privacy in Germany, and how that sets it apart from the United States where there is a bit more laissez-faire attitude about privacy,” Anderson, director of the BMW Center for German and European Studies, told DW.

‘Democratically uncontrollable’

But Gauck did not seek only to flatter his American hosts. He expressed frank concern about “the image of America emerging in parts of Europe and certainly in Germany.” The German president called out the National Security Agency and asked why US intelligence services record the phone numbers of German cabinet ministers, even the agricultural minister.

“What does that have to do with countering terrorism?” Gauck asked. “And why do German citizens get the impression that incursions into their private sphere are a democratically uncontrollable result of fending off a terrorist threat?”

NSA scandal unresolved

“The NSA scandal hasn’t really been resolved, it’s just lingering around,” Adebahr said. “We haven’t seen anything in terms of fundamental changes.”

“The NSA scandal seems to be a very special German thing,” he said. “It’s not a scandal here [in the US], the spying on foreigners, and it’s not a scandal in most of the other European countries.”

‘Win back lost trust’

Nevertheless, Gauck made clear to his American audience on Tuesday that some Germans, in the wake of the NSA scandal, question what the US stands for.

“They are wondering whether a community of shared values still exists at all between our two countries, or indeed whether the United States has cut itself loose from our shared foundations,” the German president said.

“It seems to me that we have not yet arrived at a viable balance of interests here,” he continued. “This would be a good opportunity for the United States to win back lost trust.”

Full article: German president calls on US to win back lost trust (Deutsche Welle)

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