Conflict with US will never end, Iranian commander says

The conflict between Iran and the US will never end, as it is a basic struggle between two polar opposites, a top Iranian military commander said Sunday.

“The Americans have been the origin of any action taken against the Revolution (in Iran) during the last 4 decades,” Navy chief Ali Fadavi said, according to the Fars news agency.

“The raison detre of our quarrel with them is a quarrel between the right and wrong in nature, hence, this conflict will never end.”

Americans, he said, only understood force, but were incapable of waging war against Iran.

“Today the Islamic Republic enjoys such a power and capabilities that the enemy cannot even think of confronting Iran,” he said.

Also Sunday a panel of Iranian lawmakers said the inspections regime underpinning the country’s nuclear deal with world powers represented a security threat, but the agreement should go ahead anyway.

Full article: Conflict with US will never end, Iranian commander says (The Times of Israel)

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