Did World War III Start on the Precise Day of the ECM?




Russia began bombing CIA trained rebels in Syria precisely on the day of the turn in the Economic Confidence Model. This bombing has continued as CNN pointed out. Now, hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria to also join a major ground offensive in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Clearly, the civil war in Syria is now escalating and we will see this as a proxy war at first directly between US and Russia with China supporting the Russian side in this game. This conflict is turning ever more regional and global in scope drawing in the world powers because the US war machine think this is just a game.

As the economy in Russia turns down, the government needs a distraction and this is it. We will see the same trend emerge in the USA when the economy turns down for war is necessary to distract the people from the non-establishment candidates for 2016 and the social defaults as well as the need to raise taxes for war.

Full article: Did World War III Start on the Precise Day of the ECM? (Armstrong Economics)

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