The ECM Turning Point — Sept. 30/Oct. 1 — Guns & War?


The unleashing of Russian firepower in Syria in support of the Syrian government came precisely on the day of the Economic Confidence Model. I have come to learn from observing this model that major world events, whatever the major focus may be, appear to line up with the ECM.

The actual turning point was 2014.8871: November 20, 2014. The one event that took place precisely on that day was the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow same-sex marriage in South Carolina. This decision sparked civil unrest against the government throughout the Bible Belt states. On that same day, Obama took executive action on immigration. On November 24, the Missouri Grand Jury made ruled not to indict Officer Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, which sparked the beginning of civil unrest, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, in a rebuke of corrupt police forces.

With this turning point on the ECM (2015.75) marking the precise day when Russia began actively bombing Syria to defend its allied government, even sending in troops, should be of great concern in the form of a warning sign with red lights that blink. Russia’s bombings have captured the headlines; the press claims that Russia is attacking civilians but has not mentioned that these civilians are rebels trying to overthrow the government that Obama supported. The press is misrepresenting what is taking place.

There are also reports that China has entered the game by sending in troops to Syria. Obama is creating a threat of world war as Russia and China are now in alignment in Syria and both are opposed to U.S. policy. There is a direct confrontation taking place all because U.S. policy is out of its mind and tries to topple what it calls “dictatorships” from Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. There is no alternative replacement and this brain-dead policy dreamed up in Washington has no end game objective.

This is turning into a direct confrontation between the three leading powers in the Middle East. For what purpose? All because Obama and crew did not like Putin? They created Putin by failing to curtail the bankers who tried to take over Russia to get their hands on all the commodities back in 1999. Whether the government was behind the banking objectives or whether it came in after the fact to protect the bankers amounts to the same thing. This is one reason why they have been trying to block “The Forecaster” from airing in the United States, whereas it has been making headlines and nightly news shows in Europe where they suffered the economic blows of these sanctions.

The other side of 2015.75 will be a lot more serious than many suspect. This concentration of confidence in government marks the peak — from here on out, this will not be a video game — this is real.

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