Jeh Johnson: ‘Time Will Tell’ Whether US Comes Under Chinese Cyberattack

Addressing an audience in Washington at The Atlantic and Aspen Institute’s Washington Ideas Forum, Johnson said he recently met with senior Chinese officials to discuss pulling back cyber-intrusions and cybercrime, but “time will tell whether or not the Chinese live up to” those discussions.

“Everything is still on the table and we reserve the right to, and will consider appropriate actions in response to what we believe are attacks from any state actor or any bad actor,” he said. “But we did agree to a lot, on paper, including a ministerial-level discussion routine between me and the attorney general on our side, and the Chinese officials on their side going forward. And time will tell whether or not they’re going to comply with what they committed to do on paper.”

The federal government routinely blocks thousands of infiltration attempts, but “we’ve got to cover even more of the federal agencies,” Johnson added.

Full article: Jeh Johnson: ‘Time Will Tell’ Whether US Comes Under Chinese Cyberattack (NextGov)

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