Xi Jinping will address Taiwan issue before 2022: scholar

Translation: There will Taiwanese unification with China before 2022, either by war or diplomacy.


Xi Jinping’s efforts to transform China’s image into that of a major world power must include an attempt to address the Taiwan issue before the end of his time in power, says Jin Canrong, head of the School of International Studies at Renmin University of China in Beijing.

In a media interview on Tuesday, Jin said Xi’s announcement at the UN General Assembly in New York that China will create an 8,000-strong peacekeeping standby force is an “aggressive signal” that he wants China to develop the image of a major world leader like the United States.

..Xi’s strategy to transform China’s image, however, must necessarily include ending the division of the country, Jin noted. This meaning that Xi will likely try to resolve the “Taiwan problem” through “peaceful means” before his term as Communist Party chief ends in 2022, Jin said.

Beijing is nervous at the likely prospect of the Democratic Progressive Party returning to power in Taiwan in January, despite the party’s leader and presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen repeatedly stating that her policy is to maintain the cross-strait status quo. After seven years of cross-strait rapprochement under the Kuomintang administration of Ma Ying-jeou, however, there is next to no appetite in Taiwan for a progression to political talks that would inevitably touch upon Beijing’s endgame of unification. Recent reports have suggested Xi has been angered by the failure of his Taiwan policymakers to win hearts and minds across the strait.

Full article: Xi Jinping will address Taiwan issue before 2022: scholar (Want China Times)

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