Shen Diao drone could track and guide missiles to US warships

The Shen Diao unmanned aerial vehicle. (Internet photo)


Shen Diao, China’s new unmanned aerial vehicle also known as the Divine Eagle, could be used to track the location of US aircraft carriers in the Western Pacific and guide DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles to their target, according to overseas Chinese news outlet Duowei News.

The Shen Diao and the Sky Wing III, designed respectively by Shenyang Aircraft Corp and Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, are both rumored to be capable of tracking large US warships in waters extending from Alaska to the Philippines.

With the assistance of Sky Wing III and Shen Diao, the Second Artillery Corps, the PLA’s strategic missile force, will be capable of launching increasingly precise attacks against US warships with its DF-21D missile. The Shen Diao can additionally serve as an early warning aircraft for the PLA Air Force, as it is equipped with a larger radar than the Sky Wing III.

Full article: Shen Diao drone could track and guide missiles to US warships (Want China Times)

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