Russia sends its deadliest bombers to Syria to take on ISIS

VLADIMIR Putin and his Russian parliament unanimously approved the use of military force in Syria this morning as he bolstered his support of Bashar al-Assad by sending six of its most advanced fighter bomber jets to the Middle East war zone.

An attack could be imminent with the Kremlin revealing the Federation Council today voted unanimously to allow the use of military force abroad.

While Russia and the US were locked in face-to-face talks, Putin was sending six Su-34 Fullbacks to Assad-controlled Latakia.

The planes were spotted by bloggers.

They were led by a Russian Air Force Tu-154 and join 28 fighter jets already in Syria.

A Syrian activist said: “The movement in the airport never stops with warplanes and helicopters taking off and landing.

“It is forbidden to come close to the airport, even for Syrian officers and soldiers.

“The management is 100 per cent Russian except for some Syrian senior personnel and experts who sometimes accompany the Russians to the airport.”

But the US and UK are backing the rebel fighters and this has led to warnings from senior army officers that Britain is on collision course with Putin and must prepare for war with the Russians.

Full article: Russia sends its deadliest bombers to Syria to take on ISIS (Express)

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