US State Department Seeks Hollywood’s Assistance in Spinning ISIL


The US news and opinion website Daily Beast quoted government sources as saying that the State Department has decided to turn to the premium cable channel Home Box Office (HBO), Snapchat, and Zero Dark Thirty screenwriter Mark Boal, in a bid to “turn things” around in Washington’s propaganda and media war with the Islamic State.

It referred to June’s visit by State Department officials and counterterrorism advisors to Sunnylands, which is nicknamed the “Camp David of the West,” where they met Boal and executives from HBO, Snapchat, and Middle Eastern broadcaster MBC.

As for Boal’s possible help in the State Department’s drive to win an information war against the Islamic State, it “seems like a perfect fit,” the Daily Beast said with an apparent irony.

It reminded readers that Zero Dark Thirty, the Oscar-winning 2012 American action thriller film that featured the US hunt for Osama bin Laden, “was made with the help of the CIA and its press office — some would say too much help.”

On top of that, it was earlier reported that the Zero Dark Thirty’s filmmakers, including Boal, managed to get unfettered access to CIA officials by bribing them with expensive liquor, steak dinners, and knockoff jewelry.

Full article: US State Department Seeks Hollywood’s Assistance in Spinning ISIL (Sputnik News)

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