Polish Ex-Presidential Candidate: Most Refugees are Men ‘Healthy as Bulls’

And fit for military service as well. Time will tell if a trojan horse has entered Europe.


Kukiz, leader of the newly created Kukiz’s Movement political party, exploded onto Poland’s political scene in May, during presidential elections where the rocker won 21 percent of the vote with a populist, anti-establishment campaign that boxed many of the country’s traditional parties into the low single digits, and even gave Poland’s two main conservative parties a run for their money.

In an interview with Polish news channel TVN24 on Monday, Kukiz suggested that Europe’s immigration policy is broken, and that “if we continue to conduct such a policy toward refugees, more and more children will wash up on the beach.”

He stressed that while “everything must be done to avoid the deaths of women and children,” the majority of the people coming to Europe actually appear to be “peasant” men, “healthy as bulls,” who “smile as they jump out of the boat,” adding “I have seen such pictures.”

The politician was indignant over the fact that many of the refugees appear to be males who, presumably, have left their women and children behind. “What kind of man leaves his wife and children and flees in the face of war? Why not go to Turkey, if you’re fleeing a war? Why not help your wife and children go to Turkey?” the politician asked.

Full article: Polish Ex-Presidential Candidate: Most Refugees are Men ‘Healthy as Bulls’ (Sputnik News)

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