​Ya’alon: Israel is not coordinating its Syria operations with Russia

Israel, a nation roughly as large as New Jersey (the 5th-smallest U.S. state), is the only one at the moment truly not afraid of the Russian bear.


Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Tuesday that Israel is not coordinating its operations in Syria with Russia, as Moscow ramps up its buildup in that country. He spoke after DEBKAfile reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned Israel against attacking Iranian targets in Syria, after a Syrian shell landed on the Golan. “

We have also clarified to the Russians – particular at the prime minister’s meeting with Putin last week – that we have not given up our right to defend our interests,” the defense minister said.

“Whoever tries to violate our sovereignty, we’ll strike them, whoever tried to transfer advanced armaments to terrorist groups, particularly Hezbollah, we’ll strike them, and whoever tries to transfer chemical weapons to terrorist groups, or Hezbollah, we’ll strike them,” Ya’alon said.

Article source:Ya’alon: Israel is not coordinating its Syria operations with Russia (DEBKAfile)

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