Updated J-31unveiled, expected to hit global market in 5 yrs


A model of the J-31 on display at the Zhuhai Air Show, Nov. 11, 2014. (Photo/CNS)


China has unveiled an updated version of the J-31 “Gyrfalcon” fighter jet, which is expected to be marketed internationally within the next five years, reports the Beijing-based Sina Military Network.

With a redesigned tail, the J-31’s aerodynamic and stealth capabilities are said to have already surpassed most traditional fighter jets and will soon have an upgraded avionics system. Its current Russian-made RD-93 engine is also expected to be upgraded with a new version of the Chinese-made WS-13 engine in the future.

The development of the J-31 has been extremely fast as it is based on mature technology, Sina Military said, noting that there have been allegations that China stole technology from America’s F-35 Lightning fighter jet to design the aircraft.

There are also rumors that the J-31 could end up having multiple variants, including an aircraft carrier model and a bomber model.

Full article: Updated J-31unveiled, expected to hit global market in 5 yrs (Want China Times)

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