Poland Is Key to a Safe Europe, and Putin Knows It

Good news in Eastern Europe is hard to come by these days with Russian President Vladimir Putin playing the bully in Ukraine and elsewhere, along with tens of thousands of fleeing Syrians and other Muslims seeking refuge in Europe.

But I can report that an organization of young conservative Poles, committed to economic freedom and a robust civil society, is working tirelessly to transform ideas into action, much as the conservative Young Americans for Freedom did in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s through its support of limited government and free enterprise and political leaders like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

These young Poles call themselves Students for the Republic of Poland.

Although only five years old, they have branches in the major colleges and universities of Poland’s largest cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw. Founded by Pawel Kurtyka, a brilliant young action intellectual, the students have already made a difference through their support of public causes like the “Doomed Soldiers Memorial Day” and recognition of the anti-Nazi, anti-Communist heroism of Witold Pilecki.

The”Doomed Soldiers” comprised an underground resistance movement that fought communism in Poland until 1961, a decade and a half after the Iron Curtain came crashing down and cut off Eastern Europe.

I was in Opole, about three hours by train from Warsaw, where I gave a lecture about U.S.-Eastern Europe relations, with an emphasis on Poland. I truly believe that just as Germany is the key country, politically, economically, and strategically, in Western Europe, so Poland is the key country in Eastern (and Central) Europe.

By reason of its size and population (some 38.5 million), its strong economy (its GDP grew 2 percent in 2014 when the economy of almost every other European country was flat), and its border with Russia and Ukraine on the East and Germany and the Baltics on the West, Poland is the linchpin of security in Eastern Europe. Poland warrants U.S. assistance and support.

Full article: Poland Is Key to a Safe Europe, and Putin Knows It (The Epoch Times)

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