Russia deploys powerful strike group to Syria

Airbus Defence & Space satellite imagery showing four Russian Su-30SM, 12 SU-24, and 12 Su-25 jets on the taxiway at Bassel al-Assad International Airport in Syria’s Latakia province on 21 September. (Copyright CNES 2015, Distribution Airbus DS)


The Russian Air Force has deployed a powerful air group to Syria that includes 12 Su-24 and 12 Su-25 ground attack aircraft, satellite imagery from Airbus Defence & Space has confirmed. The Su-25s had arrived at the Syrian naval aviation base in Latakia by 20 September and the Su-24s were there by 21 September.

The aircraft supplement four Su-30 multirole fighters that were present in 15 September imagery of the Syrian base, which shares a runway with Bassel al-Assad International Airport and is home to the Syrian Arab Navy’s Mi-14P and Ka-28 helicopters.

It is unclear at this stage whether the Russian jets, which were lined up on the taxiway on 21 September, will remain at the base.

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