Greece election: Alexis Tsipras is the clear winner but still needs coalition partner for Syriza

Expect Greece to be a complete vassal state now that Alexis has sealed victory.


The campaign was a cliffhanger, but Alexis Tsipras is celebrating a second election victory, won despite months of turbulence and a disastrous policy U-turn which saw him abandon his attempt to defy Brussels and instead sign up for another harsh Brussels bailout.

Despite a strong campaign by its new leader Vangelis Meimarakis, the conservative New Democracy party improved only slightly on its performance in January, and with 50 per cent of the vote counted, was trailing Mr Tsipras’s Syriza by 28 per cent to 35.5 per cent.

Instead Mr Tsipras has risen from the ashes with his mandate renewed despite seemingly unprecedented low levels of voter turnout.  As in January, Syriza was just short of winning an outright majority. But under the Greek system designed to ward against weak governments, it gains a winner’s premium of 50 seats. It was projected this could yield the party 145 seats, only a little short of the 149 it won in January. Greece’s parliament has 300 seats, so Mr Tsipras will still need at least one coalition partner. He was reported to have already made contact with Independent Greek (or Anel) leader Panos Kammenos about re-forming a coalition.

The darkest aspect of the election result is that the fascist Golden Dawn party increased its share of the vote from 6.28 to 7.1 per cent, consolidating its position as Greece’s third biggest party. A party spokesman told Star TV: “We will have more than 8 per cent. Golden Dawn is a party of governance, of power.”

He predicted that, when Greeks experience the harsh bailout conditions and a surge in illegal immigration, “you will see Golden Dawn will have a radical increase in support”.

Full article: Greece election: Alexis Tsipras is the clear winner but still needs coalition partner for Syriza (The Independent)

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