The Great Global Power Transfer

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Ten years of news watching reveals a definite trend, and it’s not to the advantage of the American and British peoples.

“With the approach of a new year, the most conspicuous trend in global affairs is a proliferation of disasters, real and potential.” So Alan T. Sorensen, associate editor of Current History, summed up his views on what the world could expect in the year 2007.

Not too heartening, to say the least.

Yet we here at the Trumpet remain, even increase, in great optimism about the future! There is a reason why.

A Definite Trend

Over the past 10 years, our news bureau has continually tracked one particular trend as it has threaded its way through the news we analyze daily. It is the trend toward the transfer of power—financially, economically, industrially, commercially, technologically, and, increasingly, politically and militarily—from the dominant Anglo-Saxon peoples to the non-English-speaking peoples. This trend has been particularly strong in this first decade of the 21st century.

An ancient prophecy anticipated this current trend. It was addressed to the nation of Israel, and it predicted precisely the outcome of its history if it failed to heed and obey its Creator (Deuteronomy 28:15-68). Biblical Israel became the progenitor of the Anglo-Saxon peoples, those largely English-speaking nations of today. Herbert W. Armstrong summarized many proofs of this fact in his book The United States and Britain in Prophecy. Since that book was published, archeological finds and scholarly research have added a plethora of additional and inarguable facts that verify Mr. Armstrong’s conclusions, which were based on biblical revelation.

The Gentile nations comprise, by far, the great majority of the Earth’s population. Yet, paradoxically, for multiple generations, these peoples historically enjoyed only a small component of the tremendous advantages that the minority Anglo-Saxon nations have experienced over the past few hundred years. Current events demonstrate that situation is, quite dramatically, changing. In fact, the equation is fast reversing as the power of the Anglo-Saxon nations quickly fades.

Nowhere is this reality currently more apparent than in the fields of finance and the economy, in the waning ability of the Israelite peoples to secure their borders against incursion from foreign peoples, and in the diminution of their military prowess.

Cursed Economy

“We believe we can tell where we are in a financial … cycle by studying the delusions of the participants,” the Daily Reckoning continued. “In the month of July [2005], for example, the personal savings rate in America went to a negative 0.6 percent. Not in 70 years had the rate been so low. The last time it was so low was in the Great Depression, when Americans felt their backs to the wall; they had to dip into savings in order to keep going. Now, they no longer dip into savings. Instead, every emergency sends them running to foreigners, asking for credit.”

There could not be a clearer example of the fulfillment of the prophecy of Deuteronomy 28 than that fact alone.

This trend of transferring Anglo-Saxon wealth to foreign nations is further exacerbated by the current steady flight from dollar holdings to that currency that Germany ramrodded through the European Parliament just five years ago—the fledgling euro (see story, page 16).

Add to this the underpinning of the U.S. economy by China’s willingness, to this point, to buy America’s massive debt, and we have a simple recipe for economic disaster.

Arms Race

The major nations of the world know that America is far overstretched militarily. They recognize that it is tiring of its war on terror. The U.S. is approaching an extremely vulnerable point in its history. Look at the facts.

The danger of this 21st-century arms race is that it is now crossing the nuclear threshold. There is an increasing trend toward the proliferation of nuclear power. We hear much about Iran’s attempts to become a nuclear power. We hear little of the impending risk posed by those same two nations that control the lion’s share of world credit, though they fall into the same category as the maverick Iran. Japan is the most dramatic case in point. From what we detect, Germany may not be far behind.

When the only nation that has ever felt the cruel blow of nuclear destruction moves to acquire the very power it once feared to collectively endorse, it’s time to sit up and take notice! Stratfor called this “perhaps the most striking example of the changing view of nuclear weapons acquisition. Tokyo wants its own nukes, even if it continues to profess a non-nuclear stance. And Japan has the capability and resources to produce nuclear weapons in short order, and the capability to deliver such weapons in a time of conflict” (Dec. 19, 2006).

Meanwhile, voices in Germany are quietly calling for that nation to have access to a nuclear defense capability. Germany has already demanded that its high command have access to France’s nuclear weapons. With the U.S. still having upward of 400 nukes deployed on European soil, it may not be long, given the cozy relationship developing between Washington and Berlin, before a similar demand is made of America’s nuclear weaponry. This prospect is of real concern to those attuned to the cycle of history as Germany’s profile as a world power currently leaps into perspective.

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